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Incense and Brass Decor

Hand-dipped and Designed in Canada

find your incense scent

our scent guide

Home Decor

incense & jewelry dish

our multi-purpose gold brass COAST dish. designed to elevate your incense experience and hold special little items.

home fragrance + minimalist decor

for your calm space

reinterpreting traditional sensory tools in a simple, modern way.

small batch makers | female founded





love notes

First off, I want to say that I’ve tried different brands of incense, but nothing comes close to cue calm’s gorgeous and natural smelling incense! The other ones just smell artificial and perfume-y.

Christine T

The incense smells great! The incense holders are also really stylish. The cuecalm team is very responsive and offers helpful customer service.

Ellie Y

I just wanted to say I've never experienced incense before but it is magical... I meditated to it lit this morning. Thank you so much, you really inspired me!

Mikayla P

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