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Breathwork We Love

for the AM - Breath of Fire

Also known as Kapalbhatti, this ayurvedic breathwork technique is said to release toxic energy/trauma and cleanse our air passages. Sometimes we feel our cortisol levels spiking in the morning and doing this exercise helps to release all of that nervous, stressful energy. 

How we practice:

  • Burn First Light incense, an awakening but relaxing morning scent
  • Sit in a cross-legged position
  • Begin taking short, forceful exhales (no need to focus on the inhale - it’ll be passive and happen naturally).

Although it sounds simple, this breathwork technique does take effort and is best done on an empty stomach. Simi enjoys focusing on a goal number to get through this exercise - 100 exhales, which usually takes 2-3 minutes. 


for the PM - Box Breathing

Also known as square or 4x4 breathing, this technique is said to calm our nervous systems and is perfect for unwinding before bed.

How we practice:

  • Burn Milin’s Dusk incense, a relaxing and mellow scent
  • Sit in a comfortable position (upright or cross-legged or laying down - whatever works best for you)
  • Breathe in for 4 counts. Hold breath for 4 counts. Slowly exhale for 4 counts.

This is an easy way to slow down our minds and bodies. It’s Jenny’s go-to breathing technique and she usually practices it ~5 minutes every night. Easy but effective.



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