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Create Your Calm Space

//image via tovogueorbust


we're not big on resolutions but we love a good clean and revitalization of our spaces to welcome new year energy. 2020 taught us that we all need a 'sacred' space at home where we can meditate, read or just hide from partners or kids for a hot minute!  
whether you live in a large house or small condo/apartments like us, you can create a beautiful calm space - without being an interior design expert ;) 
  • find a corner in your living room or bedroom that needs a little love, ideally one that gets natural sunlight
  • clean this spot and clear it of any objects that distract you (ie. laptop, phone, mobile devices etc)
  • make it cozy! add a mat, blanket & (meditation) pillow
  • add 3 items that bring you joy. (ie. a plant, your favourite book, a photo that makes you smile)
  • scent your space with your favourite room spritz, candle or incense
this is YOUR calm space so create it in a way that helps you feel grounded and brings you back to yourself.


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