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Find The Perfect Scent - CueCalm Incense Guide

If you're trying to choose an incense scent, this is the perfect guide for you! We offer 5 unique, calming scents. All of our incense sticks are lovingly hand-dipped in essential oils in Canada by us, and are made of bamboo stick, wood power, and joss powder.


CueCalm First Light Incense
Features awakening notes of holy basil and the fresh citrusy scent of lemongrass. This one is perfect for your morning routine. Pairs well with morning meditation, pilates and matcha lattes.

CueCalm Studio Suede Incense
Need some creative inspiration? This luxurious scent featuring vetiver is perfect for you. Sweet, smoky, woody, and earthy all in one. It's perfect for any workspace or creative studio. Pairs well with fancy notebooks and coffee. 

This scent features warm spicy cinnamon and notes of sparkling orange. It smells delicious and is perfect for your late afternoon break. This cozy scent pairs well with apple pie, chai tea, classic bourbon cocktails (mocktails) and home decor magazines.

CueCalm Good Company Incense
The cult-favourite! The comforting yet elegant scent of French labdanum along with fresh notes of lavender make this scent perfect for unwinding after a long day or hosting a girls' night in. Pairs well with wine, charcuterie boards and meaningful conversation.

CueCalm Milin's Dusk Incense

With frankincense & cedarwood, Milin's Dusk delivers a grounding amber and earthy scent, ultimately capturing the sanskrit meaning- unification with self. It's perfect for night time routines. We also call this one the "newbie-favourite". Pairs well with evening meditation, face masks and warm baths.


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