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how to make natural anxiety supplements work for you

image via @suryaspaayurveda
Natural supplements for anxiety are powerful but sometimes they take time to show results. They often target the root cause and can be slower to attack symptoms. But if you’ve dealt with prolonged stress or anxiety, you know that the symptoms can really affect your day to day life and you need a fast-acting solution. So how can you make natural supplements work as quickly as possible? Through trial and error, I’ve found the below 3 tips to be helpful. 
Disclaimer: consult your doctor/naturopath before altering your health routine :)


Plan ahead. 

If I know of an upcoming stressful period at work (like quarter-end deadlines), an important presentation or travel plans, I start taking supplements a couple of weeks before as a preventative measure. Getting the natural medicine in my system in advance has helped better equip my body to deal with the stress.


Cycle through.

I’ve tested a few anxiety supplements over the last year (l-theanine, magnesium, passionflower, ashwagandha, the list goes on) that worked wonders the first few weeks. However, the effects started diminishing over time. Turns out, your body can actually build a resistance to some natural supplements. It’s important to not add them into your routine like a ‘daily vitamin’ but instead cycle through. After a few weeks, take a break and bring them back into your routine when have a stressful period of time coming up.
Another very important reason not to take natural supplements daily for an extended period of time is because your liver will be in constant overdrive trying to process the medicine - and that can cause other issues.


Blood Brain Barrier.

There are certain supplements that can break the blood brain barrier and are more effective if they are taken sublingually (under the tongue). See if this is applicable to the supplement you’re taking - do some research and always ask your doctor!
Sometimes western medicine for anxiety is absolutely necessary but if you’re looking to add natural supplements into your routine first, hopefully these tips help make them more effective.

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