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simple steps to becoming a morning person

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I grew up a night owl. I could easily pull an all-nighter, sometimes staying up until 4 am on weekdays. Long gone are those days. Reality hit and I found myself adulting in the corporate world where I was expected to be at my desk before 9 am. Becoming a morning person was definitely not easy and required a lot of discipline. I read it all - self-help books on becoming a morning person, blog posts on turning a night owl into a morning warrior & stories about successful people that wake up before 6 get the gist. I became convinced that waking up earlier could improve my life and decided to challenge myself to do it. 


Verdict: After a couple of disciplined months and creating a calm morning routine, my body now naturally wakes up around 6/7 am (yes, even on weekends!). Here are a few super simple tips that worked for me: 


1) DO NOT SNOOZE: I know how much self control it requires not to hit the snooze button but doing so can actually cause more harm than you think as it disrupts your REM sleep or dream sleep. After you snooze a couple of times and wake up, you end up feeling more tired than you did when you first woke up. 

1.5) Place your phone outside of your bedroom (optional: use an alarm clock in its place): This is half a tip because I’m guilty of not doing it but I heard it works. It requires you to leave your bed in the morning which decreases the chances of you laying back into your comfy sheets.


2) Leave your bed immediately: The toughest part of the morning is getting out of bed. Leave your bed within 2 minutes of waking up and if you can, leave the bedroom completely. It makes a huge difference. 

3) Open the blinds or turn on the lights: Natural light is the best way to ease your body into the day and it also helps regulate your circadian rhythm. If possible, open the blinds and let the sun come into your room or for winter mornings, turn on the lights. 


4) Make coffee: What’s better than waking up to the smell of coffee? Walk to your kitchen, brew your coffee or steep some tea. It makes your morning more enjoyable, trust me ;) 


5) Do an activity that you enjoy: Whether it's working out in the morning, going outside for walk, or even watching Netflix on your couch. Slowly move your body or watch a show/listen to a podcast that stimulates your brain. 


Starting your day with calmness, mindfulness and gratitude will set the tone for the rest of your day.

- Casey Cavanagh, Huffpost 

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calm tips

prioritizing tasks

when you're writing out your daily task list, divide by 'brain on'/'brain off'. schedule high-priority tasks that need your hyper-focus ('brain on') earlier in the day. mundane or repetitive tasks ('brain off') can be scheduled for the afternoon or evening. also, try writing out your task list the night before & put thought into which items are really essential for your success. you'll sleep better knowing your following day is thought out. 
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