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WFH Health: Self-Care Tips

// image via @audriestorme


What week of quarantine are we on? We’re losing track! Although there’s probably too many of them right now, some WFH and self-care articles have been very helpful. Below are a few tips we’ve been using daily to stay sane and calm.


1. Keep your yoga mat rolled out in the living room

The Netflix binging hasn’t stopped but keeping a yoga mat rolled out in front of the TV allows us to do easy stretches while watching our favourite shows. Less time on the couch is a win in our books!


2. Self-Hand Massage

We can’t wait to book a full body massage when this is all over but until then, self-hand massages will have to do. Use your favourite hand lotion or salve and just apply gentle pressure in small circles. This helps ease muscle tension and reduces anxiety. There are also many self-hand massage videos on YouTube if you’re looking for a specific technique. 


3. Take your lunch!

It’s easy to fall into the routine of quickly making lunch and taking it back to your “WFH” desk to eat it (we’ve done it too) BUT we want to emphasize how important it is to step away from your work station and take your lunch. Some call it mindful eating. We just call it a well-deserved lunch break. It helps you reset before going back to work in the afternoon.


4. House-walking

We’ve been trying our best to walk outside frequently but on rainy or cold days, we’ve been house/condo-walking. If you’re in a tight condo/apartment, try walking ‘in place’ instead. 


5. Schedule breaks in your work calendar

We’re all about organizing our calendars! Scheduling 15 minute breaks reminds you to step away from your home work station. Use break time to stand, do some house-walking 😉, snack and re-fill your glass of water. We’ve found mid-morning (10 am) and mid-afternoon (3 pm) breaks work best - just like if we were in the office.


* * *

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