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"For Your Calm Space" set


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Everything you need to elevate your incense experience. 

Designed for your calm space, this set includes our solid brass cube incense holder, coast dish and an incense box of your choice

ships within 1-3 business days

20 incense sticks per box 
30 minutes burn time per stick
essential oils. joss. bamboo. wood
hand dipped in canada by simi & jenny

*ingredient props in images are not included

Place the Cube incense holder against the side of the Coast dish without a ridge. 
Place your incense stick in the incense holder. 
Angle the stick so that the ashes fall directly onto the dish.
When your incense has finished burning, pick up the dish and simply wipe off the ashes with tissue into the sink or waste bin. 

"For Your Calm Space" set