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MILIN'S DUSK incense


Thoughtful and delicate, this incense captures the essence of Milin, a sanskrit word meaning unification.

A must for sunset yoga or evening stretches, this soothing blend encourages connection with yourself after a long day.

The earthy aroma of Indian frankincense is accentuated with minute traces of cedarwood.

ships within 1-3 business days

20 incense sticks

30 minutes burn time per stick

essential oils. joss. bamboo. wood

hand dipped in canada by simi & jenny

*ingredient props in image are not included

reduces anxiety // protection energy // earthy scent

creates tranquility // grounding energy // woodsy scent

place your incense in an incense holder. light the dark brown end of the stick. let the flame burn for a few seconds and then carefully blow it out. smoke will begin to rise, and the aroma will fill the room.

enjoy incense responsibly as it may lead you into a complete state of calm. burn your incense in a well-ventilated area and away from flammable material. never leave burning incense unattended or near children, pets or a draft. always burn within sight.

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MILIN'S DUSK incense