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summer incense (20 sticks)
  • summer incense (20 sticks)
  • Summer Original Incense
  • summer incense (20 sticks)

summer incense (20 sticks)


summer - the original scent

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+ description

this classic bamboo incense has an earthy scent and grounding energy. it will transport you to a summer of camping or a bohemian wellness retreat. let your imagination choose.
unlike our day and night incense, our summer sticks are coarse-grind creating a more woodsy, campfire-esque scent. perfect for the outdoors, light while you lounge on your balcony or in your backyard on warm nights. connect with nature. 

+ details

20 incense sticks 
50 minutes burn time per stick
bamboo. wood and guar powder. no charcoal.

+ instructions

place your incense in an incense holder. light the dark brown end of the stick. let the flame burn for ~10 seconds and then carefully blow it out. smoke will begin to rise and the aroma will fill the room.
enjoy incense responsibly as it may lead you into a complete state of calm. burn your incense in a well-ventilated area and away from flammable material. never leave burning incense unattended or near children, pets or a draft. always burn within sight.

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