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giving back

A portion of your purchase will support local charities focused on mental health. 

new leaf foundation

We are proud to partner with New Leaf Foundation, a Toronto-based nonprofit, as Warriors for Peace. We donate 1% of all proceeds on a monthly basis.

New Leaf Foundation has become a frontrunner in offering yoga and mindfulness-based practices in some of the least-served communities in Ontario. They are leaders in the areas of trauma-informed and resilience-building support for youth.

New Leaf offers weekly, long-term programs to youth aged 9-20. These programs include activities to connect the group, life skills themes, self-regulation activities including mindfulness meditation and mindful movement, and strategies for transferring topics to everyday life.

New Leaf is also invested in creating deeper systemic change through the development of offerings that support adults that care for young people — their teachers, parents and other service providers.

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