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Imbue the air in your gathering space with the smooth, elegant scent of Good Company

This incense is the perfect centerpiece (and conversation starter) for wine nights and gatherings with loved ones

Scent: Sweet notes of French labdanum accentuated by fresh lavender chords

ships within 1-3 business days

20 incense sticks

30 minutes burn time per stick

essential oils. joss. bamboo. wood

hand dipped in canada by simi & jenny

*ingredient props in images are not included

improves sleep // restorative energy // fresh scent

reduces stress // anointed energy // amber scent

place your incense in an incense holder. light the dark brown end of the stick. let the flame burn for a few seconds and then carefully blow it out. smoke will begin to rise, and the aroma will fill the room.

enjoy incense responsibly as it may lead you into a complete state of calm. burn your incense in a well-ventilated area and away from flammable material. never leave burning incense unattended or near children, pets or a draft. always burn within sight.

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